Dr RAO did a successful TAVR on 86 year old Dr Nemawat. He was able breath better and walk a disctance which he had not walked in years and was discharged on :Dr day.
Ravinder Singh Rao MD, DM, FACC. Patient testimonial are the best reflection of the benefits to a patient. Please feel free to talk to patients who have undergone TAVR.

First Indian cardiologist, Dr RAO was invited to do TAVR outside India. He has the highest experience of TAVR in India with utmost safety and good outcomes.
TAVR at Medistra Hospital, Jakarta. Dr RAVINDER SINGH RAO was invited to do a complex TAVR at Medistra Hospital, Jakarta. In the photograph with Professor Santoso after successful TAVR on a 87 year old patient with severe AS.

Dr Rao, did a successful TAVR on a 80 year Doctor patient, without open heart surgery in Baroda. The patient was ex-HOD of medicine. The patient recovered very good. “ TAVR saves lives”

Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, Eternal Heart Hospital, Jaipur

Did 4  successful TAVR’s in past 7 days. Command Hospital, Bangalore, INS Ashwini, Mumbai, BLK New Delhi and finally at Our Hospital, Eternal Hospital Jaipur.

Patient completed one year post TAVR and with absolutely no symptoms.

Post TAVR 6months. Mr Luhadia feels young again