Mrs. Kanwar

Mrs Kanwar got a new life after undergoing a complex angioplasty. Before the treatment she had a massive heart attack. Her blood pressure was very low. Many cardiologist had said that the angioplasty cannot be performed and the bypass surgery was high risk.

She was referred to Dr Rao for high risk angioplasty. Dr Rao performed the high risk angioplasty and patient recovered remarkably. This is how she and her family feels after the miraculous recovery.

Mr. Mahesh Bhat

My Mother Underwent the procedure of Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) on 31/1/2018 under the care of Dr Ravinder Singh.

Mrs. Lata Bhat was a very high risk patient, Having Co-Morbidities to (Lung disease, previous heart attack). But the entire procedure was carries out successfully by the team of Doctors.

Dr Ravinder Singh Rao is an excellent doctor. I appreciate his expertise, concern towards patients. Before the Actual procedure he carefully did a detail study of each and every aspect of the case. Other than being a good doctor, his caring and positive approach made the hospital stay very comfortable and pleasing for the patient and us. He is accompanied by a team of highly experienced doctor, who took a very good care of the patient.

Mr. Major Singh Gill

With regards Dr Ravinder S. Rao, Excellent service for check in to discharge. Love all types of hassle free
Comforts giving Homely atmosphere. From the top Conseltent Dr Ravinder Singh Rao.

Mr. DD Nimawat

At the age of 86 years my aortic stenosis was diagnosed with 60% efficiency and was advised only medical palliative Treatment, Open Heart Surgery was full of risk Then Dr Rao explain the technique happy to say that in hand of Dr Ravinder Singh Rao and his complete Team and Successfully done. TAVR helped him to breath better and walk a discrance which he had not walked in years.