Best Cardiologist Expert in India, Structural Heart Disease Expert in India:  Basically a cardiologist is a specialist with complete skill and training in preventing, treating and finding diseases of the blood vessels and heart. Cardiologist help patient by providing good treatment as per the factors and also it manages your blood pressure because blood pressure is causes strong risk factor of heart attack. If you are looking for Best Cardiologist Expert in India or Structural Heart Diseases Expert in India then Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao will help you. He is one the Best Cardiologiest Expert in Rajasthan, India.

Dr Ravindra Rao is Best Cardiologist Expert in India who specialized in treating and diagnosing diseases of the blood vessels and heart known as cardiovascular system. Cardiologist is the expert who tells you about heart disease or risk factor. The work of cardiologist is to recognize the symptoms by evaluate your medical history and in case of any emergency is recommend some test for detailed diagnosis. If you need any surgery then your Cardiologist refers you to a surgeon (Cardiovascular) who is expertise in blood vessels, heart and lungs.

Best Cardiologist Expert in India

Due to heart disease there are several kinds of conditions that can influence heart function. These categories include:

  • Atherosclerotic (Coronary artery) heart issue that act on the heart arteries
  • Valvular heart disease that act on the circulation of blood flow in the heart (valves function)
  • Cardiomyopathy that act on to measure the pressure of heart muscle.
  • Arrhythmias also known as Heart Rhythm disturbances that normally act on electrical conduction.
  • In all around world, coronary artery disease in the common among other heart diseases

The work of coronary arteries is to provide the blood to the heart muscle. When inside the artery walls, cholesterol plaque is buildup then coronary artery disease is occurs. In our hospital we have a Best Cardiologist Expert in India and they are expertise in dealing with each type of heart diseases. As the time increase, the plaques decrease the blood circulation through the artery and may be block the artery. When plaque permanently block the artery i.e. is the condition of heart attack. For more details and latest updates visit http://www.drravindersinghrao.com

General symptoms and signs of coronary heart disease may consist:

  • Sweating
  • Chest pain (angina) – This pain may radiate neck, back or arm.
  • Nausea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath

It is not compulsory that every patient who have coronary artery disease is suffers from chest pain. There are some other symptoms and signs such as indigestion or any problem occurs while doing physical activities.


Angioplasty Expert in India, Complicated Angioplasty Expert in India:  With the help of Angioplasty treatment, it starts blood flowing towards the heart. Due to heart attack, coronary artery gets blocked or narrowed. It blocked by a fat and calcium or blood clot from a ruptured plaque. Once heart attack occurred to the patient, Doctors try to do angioplasty as soon as possible. But it is also true that all hospitals does not provide this treatment. In any case, patient is at a hospital who does not provide angioplasty treatment, then patient can move to our hospital as soon as possible. Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao is well known Complicated Angioplasty Expert in India. He had many successful records. Book Appointment for Best Angioplasty Expert in India.

Angioplasty is the procedure in which a narrowing of a vein is rectified. Any open vein in the body can be dealt with utilizing angioplasty; however we will finish a patient a heart angioplasty, as it includes somewhat more care amid the system and recuperation time a short time later. Angioplasty utilizes an inflatable catheter. The starting part of treatment is same as X-ray and angiogram. The patient goes into a laboratory where he or she is snared to oxygen, heart, and circulatory strain screens. Patients may get drugs to enable them to unwind.

Angioplasty Expert in India

Angioplasty is utilized to treat a kind of coronary illness called as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the moderate development of greasy plaques in your heart’s veins. Your specialist may recommend angioplasty as a treatment alternative when solutions or way of life changes aren’t sufficient to enhance your heart health or if you have angina (extreme chest pain), heart attack or different side effects. Dr Ravinder Rao Singh is the best Angioplasty Expert in India. For more details and any query visit www.drravindersinghrao.com.

Other rare risks of angioplasty include:

Heart attack: There may be chances that you can suffer from heart attack during the heart procedure.

Coronary artery damage: During the procedure, your Coronary artery may be dissected. This condition requires an emergency procedure i.e. bypass surgery.

Kidney problems: The color utilized amid angioplasty and stent situation can cause kidney harm, particularly in individuals who as of now have kidney issues. In case you’re at expanded hazard, your specialist may find a way to attempt to secure your kidneys, for example, restricting the measure of differentiation dye and ensuring that you’re very much hydrated amid the treatment.

Stroke: Amid angioplasty treatment, a stroke can happen if plaques loosen up when the catheters are being strung through the aorta. Blood clusters likewise can frame in catheters and go to the mind on the off chance that they loosen up. A stroke is a greatly uncommon inconvenience of coronary angioplasty, and blood thinners are utilized during the treatment to decrease the hazard. In our hospital we have a best team of Angioplasty Expert in India. Consult with doctor online. Visit Structural Heart Expert in India.


Best Heart Expert in Jaipur, Structural Heart Disease Expert in India: It is true that we all born with some specific risk factor that can’t changed. The Chances of developing any heart disease is increases as per the more of these risk you have. So, it is important for us to know and manage all those risk factor that increases the chance of Heart Disease. The initial step to avoid heart attack or stork is to know or gain complete knowledge about it. It is quite difficult to know about risk factor by own, so don’t worry you are on correct place. Dr Ravinder Singh Rao is one of the Best Heart Expert in Jaipur and also known as Structural Heart Disease Expert in India. If you are seeking for Best Heart Expert in India then Book Appointment now or visit us

As can be expected from an organ responsible for getting blood throughout the body, the root of heart disease is when that blood flow is blocked. Heart Attack is occurs when the blood flow is blocked due to plaque that is made from calcium, fat or cholesterol. It is available inside the arteries. Cardiovascular disease or heart disease encloses a wide variety of conditions, containing blood vessel diseases for example coronary artery disease, hereditary. Dr Ravinder Rao is leading Best Heat Expert in Jaipur.

Best Heart Expert in Jaipur

Types and symptoms of Heart Attack

The most common heart diseases found in the most of the cases in the all around world is coronary artery disease. In occurs when fat or cholesterol develop inside the arteries known as plaque, it shortening the space in which blood is flow, that condition is known as atherosclerosis. Get Treatment from Best Structural Heart Disease Expert in India.

Due to the narrowing, patient feels shortness of breath or chest pain called as angina and once it blocked the vessel completely, chances of heart attack is increases. Due to unhealthy lifestyle number of people of heart attack is increases every year. For more details and any query visit http://www.drravindersinghrao.com/

When you feel your heart is beating in an irregular way or to fast (this is the condition of tachycardia) or too slowly (this is the condition of bradycardia). The common symptoms and sign include slow heartbeat, discomfort or chest pain, fluttering feeling in the chest, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, racing heartbeat are some symptoms of heart attack. Get best treatment with Best Heat Expert in Jaipur. Check Best Complicated Angioplasty Expert.

Diagnosis and tests

Electrocardiogram (ECG):  In case of heart attack, ECG is the first step taken by the specialist. By doing this test they record the electrical activity of your heart by the help of electrodes that attached to your skin. Due to heart attack electrical impulses don’t responses normally.

Blood Tests: At the time of heart attack or when heart gets damage, there are enzymes present in the heart slowly leak out into your blood. So in the emergency ward doctors take some samples of your blood for test only to know the presence of these enzymes.


Heart Attack: Causes, Prevention and Treatment: A heart attack also abbreviated as a MI (myocardial infarction) is the death and damage of heart muscle from the quickly obstruction of a coronary supply route by a blood coagulation. Coronary arteries are veins that supply the heart muscle with blood and oxygen. Blockage of a coronary corridor denies the heart muscle of oxygen and blood, source of damage the heart muscle. Damage to the heart muscle causes chest pressure sensation and chest pain. If flow of blood isn’t reinstate to the heart muscle inside 25 to 45 minutes, irreversible damage of the heart muscle will start to happen. Muscle keeps on dying for 6 to 8 hours at which time the heart assault for the most part is “finished.” The dead or damaged heart muscle is in the end supplanted by scar tissue. Dr Ravinder Singh Rao is the Best Cardiologist Expert in India deals with any type of heart issue.

Heart Attack: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Heart Attack Risk Factor

The chances of having a heart attack are increases according to age in men and women i.e. 45 and 55 respectively. There are various thing that increases the risk of heart attack, for example, high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart surgery, unhealthy dieting, overweight, being inactive, hypertension, previous history of heart attack, stress and smoking.

What are the warning symptoms and signs of a heart attack?

The maximum number of people goes through with a heart attack experience such as chest pain that can moving to limbs or jaw, commonly the arms. But most of the warning signs can be a much soft nature such as vomiting, breathlessness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and fainting tendency. Here we are discussing about Heart Attack: Causes, Prevention and Treatment.

How do you treat a heart attack?

There are two types of heart attack treatment: procedure based and medication based.

Firstly, medication based procedure of treating a heart attack is known as thrombolysis, also called as the clot buster. It includes a method where the paramedic or specialist will infuse solution into a vein to soften the blood to restore blood supply to the heart. This treatment can be begun in the ambulance. For more details click here: www.ravindersinghrao.com.

The other technique is essential PPCI that is Percutaneous Coronary intervention where the specialist opens the blocked coronary vein; restore the blood supply to the heart part that is deficient with regards to blood. In this technique, it saves as possible heart muscles yet as it is surgery, this treatment only done in the hospital.