Best Cardiologist Expert in India, Structural Heart Disease Expert in India

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Best Cardiologist Expert in India, Structural Heart Disease Expert in India:  Basically a cardiologist is a specialist with complete skill and training in preventing, treating and finding diseases of the blood vessels and heart. Cardiologist help patient by providing good treatment as per the factors and also it manages your blood pressure because blood pressure is causes strong risk factor of heart attack. If you are looking for Best Cardiologist Expert in India or Structural Heart Diseases Expert in India then Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao will help you. He is one the Best Cardiologiest Expert in Rajasthan, India.

Dr Ravindra Rao is Best Cardiologist Expert in India who specialized in treating and diagnosing diseases of the blood vessels and heart known as cardiovascular system. Cardiologist is the expert who tells you about heart disease or risk factor. The work of cardiologist is to recognize the symptoms by evaluate your medical history and in case of any emergency is recommend some test for detailed diagnosis. If you need any surgery then your Cardiologist refers you to a surgeon (Cardiovascular) who is expertise in blood vessels, heart and lungs.

Best Cardiologist Expert in India

Due to heart disease there are several kinds of conditions that can influence heart function. These categories include:

  • Atherosclerotic (Coronary artery) heart issue that act on the heart arteries
  • Valvular heart disease that act on the circulation of blood flow in the heart (valves function)
  • Cardiomyopathy that act on to measure the pressure of heart muscle.
  • Arrhythmias also known as Heart Rhythm disturbances that normally act on electrical conduction.
  • In all around world, coronary artery disease in the common among other heart diseases

The work of coronary arteries is to provide the blood to the heart muscle. When inside the artery walls, cholesterol plaque is buildup then coronary artery disease is occurs. In our hospital we have a Best Cardiologist Expert in India and they are expertise in dealing with each type of heart diseases. As the time increase, the plaques decrease the blood circulation through the artery and may be block the artery. When plaque permanently block the artery i.e. is the condition of heart attack. For more details and latest updates visit

General symptoms and signs of coronary heart disease may consist:

  • Sweating
  • Chest pain (angina) – This pain may radiate neck, back or arm.
  • Nausea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath

It is not compulsory that every patient who have coronary artery disease is suffers from chest pain. There are some other symptoms and signs such as indigestion or any problem occurs while doing physical activities.

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