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Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao is a well-known cardiologist working as a consultant in the RHL heart center in Jaipur. He is an experienced structural heart disease expert and provides the best heart treatment in Rajasthan, India.  He completed his MD, DM cardiology from the SMS Medical College in Jaipur, Rajasthan and completed his fellowship in Interventional Cardiology from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City, USA and fellowship in Structural Heart Disease from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, USA respectively.

Know about Rotablator angioplasty for calcified blockages.
Dr Rao is trained in complex angioplasty from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York and Washington University School of Medicine, USA.
He specialises in performing complex angioplasty, TAVI ,TMVR and MitraClip in the safest manner.
He has experience of performing maximum Rotablator in Rajasthan in last three years and highest TAVI in the country, with safest outcomes.

Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao is also very fluent in Hindi and English and specializes in PDA aortic aneurysm, Paravalvular leak closure, Coarctation of Aorta, Complex coronary intervention including rotablation and Peripheral Arterial Disease intervention etc. He has also won many awards which prove his excellence in his field of expertise.

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Heart Attack

How to avoid heart attack?

Changes in lifestyle in the form of dietary modifications and exercise help in reducing the risk of heart attack in the future.

Who are the people who have risk of heart attack?

Those with previous history of heart attack

Family history of heart attack

High blood pressure (BP)

Diabetes mellitus



What to eat to avoid heart attack?

To eat




Whole grains


Low dairy fat


Legumes such as Dal

Not to eat


Saturated fatty acids

Trans fat

Red meat

Does cigarette or bidi or hookah smoking increase the risk of heart attack?

Smoking in all forms increases the risk of heart attack and should be stopped immediately. Non smokers exposed to tobacco smoke from near by person called as second hand tobacco smoke also increase the risk of heart attack by 30%.

Do increased stress levels predispose to heart attack?

Yes stress increases the risk of heart attack and should be brought down by lifestyle modification, yoga and meditation.

What exercises should be done to avoid heart attack?

Moderate intensity exercise (brisk walking) for 2 and a half hour every week


High intensity exercise for 1 hour 15 minutes every week

Along with that muscle strengthening should be done on 2 days of the week

Children should get 60 minutes of physical activity every day

Transvascular aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

What is TAVI ?

TAVI or TAVR refers to the technique of replacing aortic heart valve without open – heart surgery , using a catheter. This is mostly done from the leg artery and valve is delivered at its location. This treatment is currently for patients who are suffering from aortic stenosis.

What is aortic stenosis ?

Aortic stenosis refers to narrowing of aortic valve. Aortic valve is the gatekeeper or the ‘outflow’ valve of the heart, which opens and closes with each heartbeat. In aortic stenosis, the blood flow coming out of the heart is decreased and the heart has to pump with greater force.

When is TAVI done in patients with aortic stenosis ?

At present TAVI is approved for the patient who is high risk to undergo open-heart surgery, like age more than 70 , severe lung disease, prior open-heart surgery and multiple disorders. TAVI valve is a biological valve which is either mounted on a balloon or encased in a catcheter and is implanted during the procedure. Patient has to undergo a battery of test before this procedure and one, which is very vital, is CT scan. CT scan helps in sizing the valve and also assesses the blood vessel size of the legs.

What is the safety of TAVI ?

Its safety and efficacy have been established in multiple international trials. In Germany more than 60% of aortic valve replacements are done via TAVI technique. However this is not for young patients who are suitable for open – heart surgery. This technique has been there in India for the past couple of years. However, not all hospitals are approved to do this. TAVI is a big revolution in field of medicine. It is a reality, which was only in dreams few decades ago. It seems a miracle of the valve is delivered in the heart, without opening the chest. This technology is life for 40-60% of patients with severe aortic stenosis, who do not receive open-heart aortic valve replacement because of multiple co-morbidities.

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