Patient diagnosis is DM,HTN,HYPOTHYROIDISM, SEV.CALCIFIC AORTIC STENOSIS,NYHA CLASS 3,EF 50%, We did successfullly TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic valve Implantation) at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao after the procedure patient feel no chest heaviness or she climbed stairs without any shortness of breath Patient discharge comfortably on 03/09/2022ipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao, Patient discharge comfortably on 07/09/2022

Mrs.Prabhavati Prakash Balang 73yrs old was suffering from chest heaviness associated with shortness of breath on walking last one month

Patient diagnosis is DM,HTN,CKD, ANAEMIA,POST COVID 19 STATUS, CAD,POST CAG SEVERE CALCIFIED TRIPLE VESSEL DISEASE on 08/09/2022,ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME ,inferior wall MI,SEV.MR EF 30%, Patient chief complaints of chest pain associated with anxiety, sweating & shortness of breath since 2 month, we did successfullly Mitraclip along with safe complex coronary angioplasty with IVL at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao, Patient discharge comfortably on 07/09/2022

Mr.Nelson Michael Kooliyath, Age 62yrs.Male, DOA 29/08/2022, from Mumbai

Patient diagnosis is post PPI 2018,CAD,POST CABG 2019,SEV.ESCENTRIC MR,EF 35% Atrial fibrillation,CAG done on 25/08/2022 native TVD, patient chief complaints of breathlessness on exertion associated with fatigue he could not to be walk few steps since one month, We did successfullly Mitraclip along with safe complex coronary angioplasty with IVL(Intra Vascular Lithotripsy) at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao, patient discharge comfortably on 30/08/2022

Mr Sohan Lall, Age 78yrs.Male, DOA 22/08/2022, from Mumbai

Patients diagnose is HTN Hypothyroidism. CKD ON Haemodylysis.Left Brachial AV fistula.Severe calcified Aortic stenosis .NYHA CLASS 4.EF 60% Patient chief complain of severe breathlessness while walking or exertion since 3=4 month We did successfully with cerebral protection at the Heart Centre by Dr Ravinder Singh Rao on 29/07/2022 After the procedure patient comfortably walking. Patient discharge comfortably on 04/08/2022

Patient Mrs. Rekha Utreja, Age 58 yrs female, From Delhi, DOA 28 JULY 2022

patient diagnosis is HTN,BPH,post MVR 2016,LRTI,NYHA CLASS 3,SEV.MR EF 50%, patient chief complain of chest heavyness or shortness of breath since 3 month, We did TMVR on 26/07/2022 at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao next day patient shift in room from CCU in room patient walking no chest heavyness patient feel better or climbing stairs without shortne.

Patient Mr.Ram Singh, Age 73yrs Male, DOA 25/07/2022, From Bharatpur.

Patient diagnosis is HTN, COPD, SEV. CALCIFIC Aortic stenosis,NYHA CLASS 3,CAD,SVD,EF Left knee replacement 2018, We did TAVI + PTCA at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao sir on 20/07/2022, prior TAVI do CAG there is finding SVD in LAD 90% blockage did PTCA along with TAVI after the procedure next day patient shift in room she is mobilize comfortably half an hour without shortness of breath feel more comfortable. Patient discharge comfortably on 24/07/2022.

Patient Mrs.Draupadi Kedia, Age 77/female, DOA 19/07/2022, from Kolkata, Patient chief complain of chest heaviness,dyspnoea on exertion last 7 month

patient diagnosis is HTN,COPD, SEVERE CALLED AORTIC STENOSIS ,EF 60%,NYHA CLASS 3, patient chief complain of shortness of breath on walking or exertion last one year, We did TAVI on 13/07/2022 by Dr Ravinder Singh Rao sir, After the procedure patient comfortably walking or climbing stairs without shortness of breath, Patient discharge comfortably on 18/07/2022.

Patient Mr.Atmaram Bathe, Age 73yrs.male, From Akola (Maharashtra), DOA 11/07/2022

Patient diagnosis is DM,HTN, HYPOTHYROIDISM,NYHA CLASS 3,EF 55z,POST total left Hip replacement,2020, AVD severe Aortic stenosis calcific. Patient chief complain of breathlessness during exertion or walking since 6 month, fatigue, as per patient or family member the condition of mother worsening day by day many doctor give advice keep on medicine regular, We did TAVI by Dr Ravinder Singh Rao at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur on 13/07/2022,after the procedure next day patient shift in room, patient doing well, walking comfortably, patient feel more comfortable.

Patient Dr Padma Rawat, Age 92.4 yrs female, From Bangalore, DOA 12/07/2022, She is one among the practioners of first batch of SMS MEDICAL COLLEGE, JAIPUR

patient diagnosis is Interatial lung disease Post Covid status CAD,POST PTCA 01 /2022to LCX,EF 35%,NYHA CLASS 4,SEV.MR, patient chief complain had a MI in January 2022,after that in echo SEV.MR, So after primary angioplasty having shortness of breath, We did in RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr.Ravinder Singh Rao sir Mitarclip along with PTCA TO LAD on 30/06/2022, after the procedure patient mobilize comfortably feel better

Patient Mrs.Pushpa Devi Khadria, Age 69/female, DOA 28/06/2022, FROM, JAIPUR/MUMBAI

patient diagnosis is HTN,CAD, Post CABG + MVR 2006,POST TAVI 03/06/2022 in Delhi,EF 55%, ANAEMIA, patient chief complain of severe breathlessness or cough due to mitral valve regurgitation he will be admitted in Delhi hospital last one month, We did valve in valve TMVR in RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr Ravinder Singh Rao sir on 11/07/2022 after the procedure patient feel more comfortable no cough patient lying down supine no breathlessness, cardiac rehabilitation going on

Patient Mr Dhian Nath Kapoor, Age 89/male, DOA 03/07/2022, From Delhi

patient diagnosis is HTN,POST TKR 2019,SEV.MR EF 60%,CAD,SVD in LCX 50%, patient chief complain of last 3 month having a cough shortness of breath she could not be sleep laying Down,fluid retain in lung Anxiety, We did Mitarclip at RHL Heart Centre Jaipur by Dr Ravinder Singh Rao sir on 11/07/2022, after the procedure patient shift in room she feel much better than before she is completely sleep in supine position in night no cough no breathlessness mobilize comfortably

Patient Mrs.Mohini Devi Bafna, Age 71yrs.female, DOA 09/07/2022 from jodhpur

Diagnosis is COPD,AVD, sev.calcified Aortic stenosis,NYHA class 3,EF 60%, patient chief complain of cough, fatigue & shortness of breath & k/c of severe COPD, We did TAVI successfullly here at RHL heart centre on 11/06/2022 by Dr.ravinder Singh Rao sir, after the procedure patient feel more comfortable,mobilize comfortably no shortness of breath after walking or no cough.

Patient mr.ghulam qadir bhat, Age 70yrs.male

TAVR patient at two-year follow-up. Aortic valve replaced without open-heart surgery made a difference in his life.

I successfully underwent TAVI at Eternal Hospital by Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao.

Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao is a highly experienced doctor. He is friendly, transparent, understanding, caring and full of humility. TAVI / TAVR – The procedure, risks and it’s advantages for patients like me were explained beforehand.

Eternal Hospital has great team for TAVI procedure led by Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao. The care that I received during my stay in hospital was excellent. The services provided by the hospital were also good.

A very special thanks to Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao!

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Khanna(RTD IAS officer, Chennai)

Mrs Lalwani, 65 Years Old patient underwent angioplasty with stent and TAVR in the same sitting . Both aortic stenosis and blockage were treated without open heart surgery . she was discharged in day 4 and flew to pune . she fellt the difference very next day when she could walk with more energy and had no discomfort.

Mrs Lalwani

Mr Toshniwal 82 Years old came from Mumbai for TAVR. Underwent successful TAVR using sapien 3 valve and was shifted out of ICU on second day.

Mr. Toshniwal

Mr Gupta 72 Years Old Underwaent Successful TAVR and was Waking on the very next day and breathing better. #TAVR made a Difference in his Quality of Life

Mr. Gupta

Mrs Kanwar got a new life after undergoing a complex angioplasty. Before the treatment she had a massive heart attack. Her blood pressure was very low. Many cardiologist had said that the angioplasty cannot be performed and the bypass surgery was high risk.

She was referred to Dr Rao for high risk angioplasty. Dr Rao performed the high risk angioplasty and patient recovered remarkably. This is how she and her family feels after the miraculous recovery.

Mrs. Kanwar

My Mother Underwent the procedure of Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) on 31/1/2018 under the care of Dr Ravinder Singh.

Mrs. Lata Bhat was a very high risk patient, Having Co-Morbidities to (Lung disease, previous heart attack). But the entire procedure was carries out successfully by the team of Doctors.

Dr Ravinder Singh Rao is an excellent doctor. I appreciate his expertise, concern towards patients. Before the Actual procedure he carefully did a detail study of each and every aspect of the case. Other than being a good doctor, his caring and positive approach made the hospital stay very comfortable and pleasing for the patient and us. He is accompanied by a team of highly experienced doctor, who took a very good care of the patient.

Mr. Mahesh Bhat

Mrs. Malaney, my daughter tina and i owe you immense gratitude for the smooth execution of the TAVR procedure. We were fortunate in falling in the care of your ‘top of the line hospital’ and your caring and ever smiling demeanor.

All around there was sympathetic and patient friendly support during the procedure and post operative care. The well appointed room, and constant attention to the well being of the patient, was most comforting.

profuse thanks from all the malaneys, ans our warmest regards,


With regards Dr Ravinder S. Rao, Excellent service for check in to discharge. Love all types of hassle free

Comforts giving Homely atmosphere. From the top Conseltent Dr Ravinder Singh Rao.

Mr. Major Singh Gill

65 year old patient with prior CABG and kidney problem from Indore. He was diagnosed with Aortic stenosis in Mumbai and was referred for Aortic valve replacement.
TAVR done successfully.

Padam Shri Shri KabraJi, Chairmen RR Kabel industries

Padam Shri Shri Kabra ji,
One year post TAVR. Aortic valve replaced without open heart surgery made a difference in his life. He is able to carry out his social work of establishing schools all across the country.

74 year old after undergoing TAVR.
Aortic valve replacement without open heart surgey made a difference in her quality of life.