Dr Ravinder Singh Rao performing live TAVI at Advanced TAVI learning program at Leelawati hospital, Mumbai. Four live cases in a single day! Program attended by more than 100 doctors

Structural Heart Disease Specialist In Kolkata

Invited to Proctor and demonstrate TAVR in Germany. Beginning of a New Era.

Dr RAO did a successful TAVR on 86 year old Dr Nemawat. He was able breath better and walk a disctance which he had not walked in years and was discharged on :Dr day. Ravinder Singh Rao MD, DM, FACC. Patient testimonial are the best reflection of the benefits to a patient. Please feel free to talk to patients who have undergone TAVR.

Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, Eternal Heart Hospital, Jaipur, Did 4  successful TAVR’s in past 7 days. Command Hospital, Bangalore, INS Ashwini, Mumbai, BLK New Delhi and finally at Our Hospital, Eternal Hospital Jaipur.

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Did TAVR in Jakarta on 27 Aug.

Patient on second day of ROTA angioplasty

LIVE TAVR in a Mumbai for 100 plus cardiologist. This was the first LIVE TAVR in Mumbai.

TAVR – New Hope For Patients With Aortic Stenosis

TAVI - A safe procedure for heart failure patients | Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao News

2 Heart Valves Replaced by TAVI, TMVR for Indian-Canadian Patient: 1st Case in India

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Success Story of TAVR/TAVI amid COVID pandemic

Jaipur cardiologist treats aortic regurgitation without surgery

First Indian cardiologist, Dr RAO was invited to do TAVR outside India. He has the highest experience of TAVR in India with utmost safety and good outcomes. TAVR at Medistra Hospital, Jakarta. Dr RAVINDER SINGH RAO was invited to do a complex TAVR at Medistra Hospital, Jakarta. In the photograph with Professor Santoso after successful TAVR on a 87 year old patient with severe AS.

Post TAVR 6months. Mr Luhadia feels young again

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67 year old patient with severe Aortic Stenosis and difficulty in breathing and in walking.
Did a successful TAVR under Concious sedation. Patient was fully awake but comfortable during the entire procedure.

Patient has Written on Facebook.

Success Story of Two heart valve replacements without open heart surgery: 1st case in India

55 year old Indian-Canadian patient was suffering from Aortic and mitral stenosis and was turned down for surgery.
Bother the valves were replaced successfully with TAVI and TMVR.

A live TAVR/ TAVI from Mumbai to India Live, New Delhi

CME from USA n Europe telecasted for Indian doctors is common. But hundreds of European doctors attending and learning complex heart procedure through CME telecasted from Jaipur is an exception. Congrats to skills of Ravinder for bringing glory to Jaipur and India

Dr Rao, did a successful TAVR on a 80 year Doctor patient, without open heart surgery in Baroda. The patient was ex-HOD of medicine. The patient recovered very good. “ TAVR saves lives”

Patient completed one year post TAVR and with absolutely no symptoms.

Happy to share with you the case of “Impella assisted Rota Angioplasty” done successfully on a 67 year old patient with severe calcified blockages.

The above “Impella” treatment has been done for the first time in Rajasthan and second time in India.
“Impella” is a motorised pump which provides LV support and blood circulation to the body organs and is inserted via leg arteries.
Impella helps patient’s in cardiogenic shock and high risk PCI.

Did 4 TAVR’s in one day. The highest in the country in a single day. Two native TAVR’s, one valve in valve and one transapical. All patient doing extramely well.

Doing TAVR at Ruby Hall.

Healthy heart for a better life.

For the best cardiac care along with all types of complicated cardiac interventions, reach out to RHL Heart Centre. 🩺 Also, we’d like to thank Mrs. Usha Monga for trusting us and for taking some time out and reviewing us so well.

TAVI amid pandemic. Mr Satra flew from Mumbai for treatment of severe aortic stenosis. Successful TAVI down with no complications. Patient discharged on day 4 and reached Mumbai.

Know how Complex coronary angioplasty with rotablation is as effective as high risk bypass surgery.

Know how Complex coronary angioplasty with rotablation is as affective as high risk bypass surgery.

Sharing the success story of TAVR/TAVI amid COVID pandemic. Mrs Z…. travelled from Mumbai on 25th May amid COVID for TAVI. She was suffering from severe aortic stenosis. She underwent TAVI on 27th and was discharged on day 4. Amid COVID crisis, patients with severe aortic stenosis have undergone TAVR in a COVID safe environment. Symptomatic aortic stenosis needs to be treated at the earliest. TAVI refers to Transcatheter aortic valve implantation, where in the aortic valve is replaced without surgery, by going from the femoral artery(blood vessel in the groin) without general anaesthesia. Studies have shown that TAVR is better than surgery in certain subset of the population.

Two procedures were performed in one sitting – first, transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and then transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR). And this is India’s First ever Transcatheter Double Valve Replacement.

It was privilege to Proctor 4 TAVR cases in one day at Asclepios Hospital, Hamburg, Germany. First time a doctor from india, invited to spreadand teach TAVR to the west.

Step by step TAVR

Expert Talk Dr.Ravindra Singh Rao, TAVR/TAVI-Eternal Hospital

Live TAVR/TAVI Step by Step Procedure by Dr.Ravindra Singh Rao, Eternal Hospital Jaipur

78 Years old lady was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. Her daughter, docotr in US came to jaipur, india for her TAVR. Did a Transfermoral TAVR in a awake state. patient was out of ICU on second day and was walking in the hospital corridor. TAVR definitely give life to years.

Did ROTA angioplasty and TAVR on a 75 year old patient in Jaipur on 23-4-2019. Treating blockages and vakve disease without open heart surgery. Patient was awake post TAVR and interacting with his family.

Retired IAS officers walks on day 3 of Impella assisted ROTA angioplasty. Impella is the smallest heart pump which is inserted from the leg artery and provides cardiac output of 2.5 L and protects the patient during complex angioplasty.

Impella assisted ROTA PCI for triple vessel disease and severe LV dysfunction with viable myocardium. Patient discharged home on day 3. #Impella #protect PCI allows us to complete the revascularization.

Dr Rao telecasting Step by Step TAVR. India Live 2020. New Delhi

Dr Kk Agarwal, Ex-principal underwent successful TAVR/TAVI and was discharged on third day. TAVI made a difference in his life and he was able to walk double the disctance on third day, post TAVR.

67 year old patient with severe Aortic Stenosis and difficulty in breathing and in walking.
Did a successful TAVR under Concious sedation. Patient was fully awake but comfortable during the entire procedure.

Did a TAVR in a 67 year old with severe AS in CIMS Hospital Ahemdabad on 24-4-2019. patient had prior stroke and could not be moved. TAVR done under Concious sedation.

Did a high risk TAVR with coronary protection at RUBY HALL CLINIC Pune on 21-4-2019. High risk TAVR in a patient with severe Aortic stenosis and severe LV dyfunction.

We are happy and proud to share with you a LIVE TAVR/TAVI Case which was broadcasted from Eternal Hospital, Jaipur for the Conference at TCT Russia 2019 on 21st June 2019. Eternal Hospital is the only hospital in the country to do a Live TAVR for an International conference.

Our expert Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, Director- TAVI & Structural Heart Disease at Eternal Hospital performed Live a High-Risk TAVR in a Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis case which was broadcasted at a conference in Moscow, Russia.

55 year old Indian-Canadian patient was suffering from Aortic and mitral stenosis and was turned down for surgery.
Bother the valves were replaced successfully with TAVI and TMVR.

Impella ROTA angioplasty for patient with severe three vessel blockage and not fit for CABG

ROTA complex Angioplasty for patients with calcified blockages

Did two TAVR at MMM Hospital Chennai on

Did a TAVR at Gangaram Hospital Delhi on a relative if Cardiology chif successfully on 13-4-2018.

Live TAVI / TAVR step by step procedure by Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao | Eternal Hospital Jaipur

EuroPCR 2018; Hotline Tavi 1; Room Maillot, Lavel 2